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Aligned Thinking™ Institute

Institute Purpose


To help you, its member, be an Aligned Thinker and enjoy all the benefits associated with living as an Aligned Thinker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1   When am I an Aligned Thinker?

You are an Aligned Thinker when:

What you really want
from life and work
drives every action, and…

. . . EVERY action takes you
step by step to
what you really want.


Q2   What benefits will living as an Aligned Thinker give me?

You will be able to align every action to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT so that you:

●  Make every moment count

●  Optimize you business and personal life

●  Balance the two

●  Make life a celebration

            For a more detailed list of benefits go to ATI’s Benefits You Can Expect.


Q3   How can the Aligned Thinking™ Institute help me, as an individual, enjoy all the benefits listed above?

            Your Virtual Personal Coach, Dr. Jim will deliver the Surround Support™ System.  A few of the things Dr. Jim and the Surround Support™ System will do for you are:

●  Create a plan specifically for you to guide you in becoming an Aligned Thinker

●  Break the plan into small doable parts that relate to the habits you need

●  Select the most critical business habit and personal habit to start with

●  Give you a tutorial, whenever you want it, related to each habit you need

●  When you conquer this habit, Dr. Jim will select the next most critical habit.


Q4     How does my Coach, Dr. Jim, know what I personally need?

Dr. Jim will begin by interviewing you.  The interview is built on 34 questions.  Your answers will define your strengths and your growth opportunities.  Your answers to the 34 questions are like your finger print, there are no two alike.  For this reason, the plan built on your unique answers will be personal and totally unique to you.


Q5     How will I receive this plan?

Dr. Jim will first give you an overview of the plan that is totally personalized to what you need to quickly enjoy the benefits of being aligned to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.  Then he will present the details in four parts:

●  Your business or professional strengths

●  Your personal strengths

●  Your business growth opportunities

●  Your personal growth opportunities


Q6   How will I know where to start?

Using the insights his team and he have collected over the past thirty years, Dr. Jim will select the one most important business habit and one most important personal habit that will help you become an Aligned Thinker as soon as possible. 


Q7   What kind of support will Dr. Jim give me?

With every habit Dr. Jim suggests, he will provide you with a tutorial.  The tutorial will be available 24/7 so you can review it whenever and as frequently as you feel the need. In addition, the two habits you are focusing on will be highlighted on your own Home Page.  Then each Tuesday, Dr. Jim will send you an e-mail to remind you of the business habit and personal habit that you are working on.


Q8   What happens when I conquer one of the habits I’m working on?

The Surround Support™ System is dynamic.  On your Home Page you click on “Assessment.”  Here is where you tell Dr. Jim that you have now mastered one of the habits you are working on.  He will immediately choose the next most important habit that you need to become an Aligned Thinker.  As with every habit he suggests, he will provide a tutorial to help you get started.  The reminder on the following Tuesday will contain the new habit.


Q9   Can you give me an example of a habit I need and the tutorial support Dr. Jim will provide with the Surround Support™ System?

Gladly!  Critical to all achievement, satisfaction and inner fulfillment is knowing WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.  Knowing WHAT YOU REALLY WANT is also the motivation for every action and the goal of every action for the Aligned Thinker.  However, even though it is very beneficial, experience shows that less that 5% have ever written exactly what they want from work and life, i.e. their business and personal missions.  This is the case because it is challenging to write a business and personal mission.

Dr. Jim will ask you four well-chosen questions that take only a few minutes to answer.  Once you press “submit,” he will arrange your answers into business and personal missions.  He will also put your new business and personal missions on your Home Page. When you return there next, your missions will be there so you can easily review them.


Q10 Where did Aligned Thinking, Surround Support and Dr. Jim come from?

Dr. R. James Steffen has studied how to optimize your business and personal life for thirty years with the help of his staff and 140 Fortune 500 Companies by teaching the Aligned Thinking™ Workshop/Experience.  With the help of some very insightful programmers, he designed the Aligned Thinking™ Institute.  It is designed to be very interactive so that with Dr. Jim as your virtual personal coach you can become an Aligned Thinker and enjoy all its benefits as quickly as possible.


Q11  How can I become a member of the Aligned Thinking Institute?

There are two ways.  You can enjoy membership in the Aligned Thinking Institute immediately where the first fourteen days are free.

Or you can register for the Aligned ThinkingWorkshop/Experience and receive a free year’s use of the Aligned Thinking™ Institute.  Even though signing up will work and provide all the benefits listed above, the preferred method is to come to the Aligned Thinking Workshop/Experience.  Coming to the workshop/experience you will meet Dr. R. James Steffen or his staff personally.  You will also meet classmates who will be your support as you use the Surround Support™ system for the next year.


To register for the Aligned Thinking Workshop/Experience, click here.

To become a member of the Aligned Thinking™ Institute, click here.


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