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What Cisco Employees Say

To listen, under the word "Play," click on the forward arrow.


What Cisco Employees Say:

Dillard Myers-Senior Director
David Lamb-Senior Manager
Rick Morales-Manager
Mike Strain-Manager
Mike Griffin-Manager
Barry Radcliffe-Manager, Canada
Dillard Myers (at Series end)

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 To hear "Conquering To-Do List," click here.

 To hear what Woody Bliss, IBM Executive, says, click here.

 To hear what MWV Leaders say, click here.

 To hear what Tim and Nancy Schwalm say, click here.

 To hear what Westinghouse employees say, click here.

 To hear what Notre Dame Alumni say, click here.

 To hear what very successful Education Leaders say, click here.

 To hear what very successful Teachers and Administrators say, click here.

 To hear the Life Value to Students, click here.

 To hear what very successful IBM Sales Executives say, click here.

 To hear what very successful IBM Salespeople say, click here.


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