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Ten Mistakes

Everyone Can Avoid, Few do,


That prevent them from

Enjoying The Life They REALLY Want





Covered in Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series


When participants use the TeleCoaching Series to overcome each mistake, here is what they say


1. No clear, written, regularly reviewed work purpose or mission.


Module 1


My individual actions have more value.

I get more done and more of the important things done.

I can focus better at work.



2. No clear, written regularly reviewed personal purpose or mission.



Module 2



Much better work-life balance

A fuller personal life

I dont feel guilty taking personal time

Less stress at work because of a fuller personal life



3. I dont feel free in all I do.


Module 2


I can do what most people believe impossible: Align every action to what I REALLY want.

Im freer in all I do.

I can turn interruptions into opportunities.



4. No regular focus period.

5. Dont review critical information

6. Use a to-do list

7. Set only business priorities

8. Plan too much



Module 3 takes care of each of these


Stay more focused

Stay more focused on the riches I REALLY want in both business and personal life.

Overcome the feeling Too much to do. I never get everything done.

Live a more balanced personal life where business life supports my personal and vice versa.

I live as one integrated person.



9. Not being totally involved in your MIN (Most Important Now)



Module 4


Get more done and more of the important things done.

Much less stress

My MIN is a filter to decide what is important now.



10. Not relating your MIN to the riches you REALLY want.



Module 4


Im consistently able to focus on the really important and set aside the seemingly urgent.

When I can see how this action relates to the big picture, stress goes away.




You can build the habits to avoid all ten mistakes for the rest of your life

And Enjoy The Life You REALLY Want

Using the Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series


 To hear what participants who are using Aligned Thinking say, click here: http://www.ssainternational.com/TeleCoaching/Testimonials/Interviews.htm

To see the details of the Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series, click here: http://www.ssainternational.com/atdescription.htm

To register for the Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series, call 203.740.8400.


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