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Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series

The only process that will help you align

Every action to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT



Too much to do!

Not enough accomplished!

Too many interruptions!

Not enough time with the family!

I have so little control over my life!

Life doesn’t seem to have much meaning anymore.


If you can relate to any of the above, this unique series is for you.


 These 8 weeks with one year of support will help you become an Aligned Thinker for life!



What is unique about Aligned Thinking?


It is the only process that will help you align every action to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT so that you:


Ø  Can get the most from your time, life and career

Ø  Can do it just one moment at a time


Ø  Refocus your business and personal life so they are not only balanced, but also support each other


9 things you can expect from this unique Aligned Thinking workshop

Each 8-week series includes one hour every
Monday and Wednesday.
If you can't make the live session, you can listen on the internet.

For future dates,



Aligned Thinking
TeleCoaching Series

Problem One:  Getting Full Value from a Seminar

A book or presentation can explain adequately a process, like Aligned Thinking.  Most people can and will implement some of the tools or insights. But it is the rare person that implements all the Aligned Thinking tools from just reading the book or listening to a presentation.  So, in order to help a person implement all the tools or insights, in the old days we sent them to a seminar.


Problem One: Getting Full Value from a Book or Presentation
A book or presentation can explain adequately a process, like Aligned Thinking.  Most people can and will implement some of the tools or insights. But it is the rare person that implements all the Aligned Thinking tools from just reading the book or listening to a presentation.  So, in order to help a person implement all the tools or insights, in the old days we sent them to a seminar.

Problem Two: Seminars Cost In Lost Productivity, Travel and Time Away From the Office

 Problem Three: Seminars Lack Follow-up Support
The matrix below outlines some of the costs of seminars.  As you can see, the TeleCoaching Series saves money and is more effective.


Problems Seminars Cause                         TeleCoaching Series Solution

1. Two or three days out of office; if a person makes $50,000 with benefits of $20,000, the cost is $600-900.

- No days out of the office - $600-$900 saved

2. Costly travel, meals and lodging - $200-$1,000+ depending on location.

- No travel – you can participate wherever there is a phone - $200-$1,000+ saved

3. Returning from a seminar, your "reward" is all the things you did not do while gone.

- Never leave – no “reward!”  Never get behind

4. Progress is creating new habits.  It is difficult to create work related habits away in a seminar.

- Participate in TeleCoaching at work or home where new Aligned Thinking habits are created

5. To create new habits, follow-up support is needed. When the seminar ends, follow-up support is very difficult.

- Ideal follow-up support, eight follow-up sessions in series, Personal Virtual Coach 24/7 and weekly Success Secrets (26), and most important support from weekly team meeting.

ØWouldn’t it be nice if each participant had:
- A partner to help them create needed habits
- The weekly guidance with an experienced coach.

ØBut is this possible?

Ø AbsolutelyThe Key to the Series’ Success:
- A partner to share insights and
 - An experienced coach that meets
   weekly with just you and your partner.



Week-by-week outline of TeleCoaching Series:

Week 1:

Getting what I really want from work – creating a purpose for working – The Inner Fulfillment Secret and the Empowerment Secret

Week 2:

Getting what I really want from my personal life – creating a purpose for my entire life – The Freedom Secret

Week 3:

How do I stay focused on what I really want – Step Two in connecting all the dots - Professional/Personal Balance

Week 4:

Getting the most from the only thing I control – The MIN (Most Important Now) Secret – The elegant simplicity of Aligned Thinking

Week 5:

How to live a stress-free life – Stress insight II

Week 6:

How to get rid of all interruptions – Living the Freedom Secret day in and day out

How to align your boss and direct report and improve your relationship in the process

Week 7:

Two mistakes that lead to procrastination and how to overcome each

Week 8:

Optimizing meaning so life and work become a celebration - The Celebration Secret - Creating the Optimal Experience


Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series - Eight weeks that can change your life.

Ø Each week above, 75-minute TeleCoaching session of content-rich proven Aligned Thinking tools

Ø Each Wednesday, 60-minute follow-up and progress review

Ø All sessions recorded for those who cannot make the convenient time.  Available 24 hours after live session

Ø $239.40 Bonus - membership for one year in the Aligned Thinking Institute – Personal Virtual Coach 24/7 for one year.  For details of the many things the Aligned Thinking Institute will do for you, go to

Ø Tuition: $1,795 – discounts for partners, spouse and school leaders



Living Your Ideal Life

Many believe it is impossible!

As an Aligned Thinker you can define and live your ideal life.

A unique opportunity?  Definitely!  Here is how.  Lets start immediately!

Directions: Choose two benefits from each group below to define your Ideal Life.

In Your Business Life . . .

__ 1.  Improve productivity

__ 2.  Increase satisfaction

__ 3.  Balance your mission and goals with those of your manager

__ 4.  Become more promotable

__ 5.  Decrease stress

In Your Personal Life . . .

__ 6.  Improve accomplishment

__ 7.  Increase satisfaction

__ 8.  Balance your business and personal purposes and goals

__ 9.  Balance your purpose and goals with those of your significant other

__10. Decrease stress

In Your Life in General . . .

__ 11.  Increase inner fulfillment and happiness

__ 12.  Build a sense of power over your life

__ 13.  Become the master of your time

__ 14.  Define and reach your true greatness

__ 15.  Create your life and work as you want them to be

Overcome Your Time Wasters . . .

__ 16.  Trying to do too many things

__ 17.  Interruptions

__ 18.  Procrastination

__ 19.  Others changing your priorities

__ 20.  Management by crisis

Amazing Guarantee
If at the end of the year, you have used the Aligned Thinking tools and not made progress in aligning every action to what you really want, you may receive your tuition back.



So many people are well into their chronological years before they realize that their life can and should have meaning and purpose.  The Aligned Thinking course helps you with the How/Why/What of living your mission and your dreams.

Mary Kramer, Pepperidge Farm

If anyone is even slightly discontent with their effectiveness around time, this seminar is for them.  This seminar will help me find my “compass.”  It will change the way I approach time and the planning process around time.

Bob Arnold President-Founder Zenith Unlimited

The Excellent You

Ø Your challenge is:

           ·  To identify and enjoy your own EXCELLENCE

           ·  To make enjoying it part of WHAT YOU REALLY WANT

           ·  To align your every action to WHAT YOU RALLY WANT.


Ø When you do this, you earn or create:

          · For yourself all the previously mentioned benefits

          · For your organization increased productivity, motivation and morale

          · For your clients better service and higher satisfaction/loyalty.


What’s The Key?

Your becoming an Aligned Thinker is the key.  You are an Aligned Thinker when:

What you really want from life and work drives every action, and…

. . . EVERY action takes you step by step to what you really want.


Thanks for the opportunity to attend the seminar, develop my Most Important Now (MIN) and learn to Align my Thinking to achieve my Dream Life – all in a matter of 16 hours.

Karen Messina, Executive Director

Shelter of the Cross

Excellent  program! Anyone who wants to lead a life that is in alignment with their values and passions will find this process and its insights  extraordinarily valuable.

                                 RonPaxton, President

Strategic Coaching Network

For Leaders and Managers

  • Leaders/Managers want their people to be Aligned Thinkers to:

Ø   Increase motivation

Ø   Raise morale

Ø   Improve productivity

Ø   Deliver better service

Ø   Boost customer  satisfaction/loyalty

Ø   Add to customer retention

Ø   Grow profits

  • How does being an Aligned Thinker help accomplish the above seven benefits?
    Aligned Thinking guides the participant to create a unique work mission.

  • What is unique about this mission?
    Aligned Thinking helps the participant clarify:

-   What they want from work for themselves and their significant other.

-   What they will provide their clients, i.e. those they serve, and their organization to earn what they want from work.

-   This alignment along with the Freedom Secret helps the person realize that every action at work is actually getting them something personally.

  • The result: This awareness increases motivation and the six other benefits follow.

From an IBM standpoint, Aligned Thinking helps the individual sales people align their individual needs to the needs of the customer and company, a win-win-win.

Woody Bliss, Director, IBM – Retired

Click here to enjoy this entire interview.

For trainers – become a hero – deliver 4 sets of benefits

Ø   When you’re certified to teach Aligned Thinking, you’ll be a hero by delivering  4 sets of benefits:

1. In the employee’s business life

2. In the employee’s personal life

3. In your organization

4. Result – more very satisfied/loyal clients = $$

I changed many people’s lives teaching Aligned Thinking.  Even twenty years later, people thank me and mention specific things I taught them. In a real sense, I am their hero!.

Jim White, Certified for twenty+ years

Consider Involving Spouse and Others You Care About

Ø Consider these experiences

My husband and I attended this seminar together. It gave us a better understanding of and appreciation for the need to realign priorities and balance business and personal goals in order to achieve the best possible relationship.

Eve Shea, wife of Tim Shea, CEO


I was so impressed with Aligned Thinking, I sent my wife and two daughters.  Susan credits the course with helping her get through Princeton and medical school.  Barbara used it to calm frantic freshmen when she was dorm counselor. Pru, my wife, uses it to get rid of stress when she has too much to do. I thank you for the very positive impact on my family.

                   Woody Bliss, Director IBM, Retired

Click here to enjoy this entire interview.


One of Your Biggest Challenges

If you’re like most…

Ø    You are busy, very busy.

Ø    You have a set of habits, developed over the years.

Ø    Even though Aligned Thinking is simple to understand and use, changing any habit for life is a huge challenge.

Wouldn’t it
be great if . . .

…   You had a Personal Coach to guide you in choosing the specific habits you need in order to immediately enjoy the benefits of being an Aligned Thinker.

…   With your input, your Personal Coach helps create a plan that is totally unique to you.

…   Your Personal Coach tracks your progress on the plan.

…   Your Personal Coach scores your progress and even graphs your progress.

…   This Personal Coach would help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

…   When you overcome one weakness with a new critical habit , your Personal Coach will guide you to select the next most important habit you need.

…   This Personal Coach would help you create a business mission unique to what YOU REALLY WANT FROM BUSINESS.

…   This Personal Coach would also help you create a personal mission unique to what YOU REALLY WANT FROM LIFE.

…   Your Personal Coach would give you tutorials related to any key factor needed to be an Aligned Thinker.

…   All of the above would be available to you 24/7.

…   Since you are busy, your Personal Coach will remind you regularly.

…   Your Personal Coach will give you other regular hints to make life easier.


The good news

Bonus #One


Ø      Through the power of the Internet, Coach Jim is waiting for you.  He will do all the above and more.  There is no other service like  Virtual Coach Jim.  He will guide you, one step at a time, to be an Aligned Thinker.

Ø      As soon as you register for the seminar, he’ll contact you  immediately .

Ø      Using the Internet, Coach Jim will help you prepare for the seminar and support you 24/7 free for one year after the seminar.

Past participants say:

Ø    Be sure to tell people to use Virtual Coach Jim early.

Ø    They will get much more from the seminar.


The TeleCoaching Series


For future dates,

Bonus #2 - Celebrate Life This Moment

Past participants say:

Ø   Tell people to read the book first.  They’ll get much more out of this TeleCoaching Series.

Ø   The book is Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count by Jim Steffen.


  What Five Best Selling Authors Say About the Book

“I’ve always believed that life is a very special occasion … and special occasions are meant to be celebrated! Yet, the pressures of life often leave us feeling too stressed to enjoy each day—let alone celebrate each moment. This book can change that.” From the foreword of the book by…

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager®

“To really get what you want, the first thing you’ll want to get is this remarkable book.”

Harvey Mackay, author of the
#1 New York Times bestseller
 Swim with the
Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“This warm and wonderful book shows you how to align every part of your life with your innermost values and your deepest convictions. It makes you a new person!”

            Brian Tracy, author of national bestsellers Boil That Frog! and Time Power

“Voices like Steffen's are sorely needed today. This book will get you to think about  your life and work in a holistic fashion.”

Eric Tyson, author of the national bestseller,
Personal Finance for Dummies

“Want to take charge of your life and live with more direction, meaning, and satisfaction?  Begin by reading this practical, pragmatic  book!”

Paul J. Meyer, author of New York Times bestsellers including
Unlocking Your
Legacy: 25 Keys to Success

Life Better Than A Dream Come True

The Book

Ø    The book tells the story of Ray and Carol who are overwhelmed  with all the problems listed on page one including too much to do.  With the help of Coach Eric, they learn to live their dream, enjoying  all the benefits previously listed.

Ø    To their great surprise, they find life becomes  Better Than A Dream Come True because Aligned Thinking gives them four  additional benefits that are beyond their dreams. One of these four is the ability to  Celebrate Life This Moment .


The TeleCoaching Series


For future dates,


Benefits You Can Expect:

 To hear what Woody Bliss, IBM Executive, says, click here.

 To hear what Cisco employees say, click here.

 To hear what Westinghouse employees say, click here.

 To hear what Notre Dame Alumni say, click here.

 To hear what very successful Education Leaders say, click here.

 To hear what very successful Teachers and Administrators say, click here.

 To hear the Life Value to Students, click here.

 To hear what very successful IBM Sales Executives say, click here.

 To hear what very successful IBM Salespeople say, click here.


Aligned Thinking TeleCoaching Series

You’ll learn how to:

Ø  Align every action to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT

Ø  Overcome too much to do

Ø  Increase your accomplishment both in work and personal life

Ø  Add to your life and work satisfaction

Ø  Have more personal and family time

Ø  Take more control over your time and your life

Ø  Enjoy more meaning in all you do

Ø Celebrate Life This and Every Moment


TeleCoaching Series


For future dates,

Ø Amazing money back guarantee

Ø 8 content-rich sessions

Ø 8 follow-up sessions

Ø 12 months of personal coaching and support to help you live your ideal professional and personal life or better


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