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SSA (Steffen, Steffen and Associates)

“People” Development – The Key to Results

SSA is a consulting firm with 35 years experience.  Working with large and small companies, SSA has the expertise to ensure success for your organization.  SSA offers educational programs and consulting support that will dramatically improve your organization’s bottom-line results.

Through SSA programs, people learn to focus on the most important mission-critical priorities and relationships and align their efforts toward achieving goals, providing more effective service quality, and becoming more satisfied in their professional and personal lives.

SSA 35 years of organizational consultancy to client companies such as IBM, Dell Computer, Bell Labs, ATT, American Express, Lucent Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Pitney Bowes, Xerox, GE, and many others.  Thousands of people have been through SSA programs and have made lasting changes in their life and work as a result. Hundreds of companies, large and small, have used SSA to successfully implement organizational initiatives through aligning individuals to the overall goals of the company  and have directly improved revenues as a result. Ameritech saved $40 million annually working with SSA.  Lucent Technologies saved a $1,240,000 contract, GE saved $1 million dollars a month. Dell has used SSA to retain key employees and won several awards in the customer service group. Johnson & Johnson used SSA internally to become the indispensable business partner of the rest of that company. IBM has trained all its salespeople in SSA methodology, AFSMI, the Association for Service Management International, was so impressed with SSA that they asked us to partner with them to provide SSA programs to all their members; so has Cine`-Med, a global leader in multimedia medical education.  We hope you’ll be next in finding great benefits from SSA!!! 

Who are we?

Dr. R. James Steffen is President and Founder of Steffen, Steffen & Associates, Inc. (SSA), a consulting/training firm that has been helping companies create and maintain very satisfied customers for over 30 years.  Because of its proven capabilities and track record, SSA has had the opportunity over the years to work with many Fortune 500 companies across a broad array of industries. 

Prior to founding SSA in 1974, Dr. Steffen was recognized internationally as an expert in time management, leadership, productivity, and quality improvement.  He personally developed a wide range of products in these areas, which he keeps “at the cutting edge.”  As a result, these programs continue to be in great demand. 

Dr. Steffen holds four degrees, including a Masters in Math and a Doctorate in Psychology.  He is also the author of several books, including the Amazon Time Management Best Seller - Aligned Thinking, Make Every Moment Count -  and a frequent speaker to groups around the country. 

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