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Dr. R. James Steffen

Dr. Steffen has designed and taught the industry's most successful time management seminar to thousands of people throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. It’s called Aligned Thinking because it will help the participant build a skill that most people believe impossible:

Align EVERY action to the life – the riches – the values – you really cherish.

Once the participant uses the Aligned Thinking tools to make this skill their daily, even moment-to-moment habit, challenges that annoy people and cause stress become a thing of the past.  Some of these challenges are:

Χ Too much to do! I never get everything done!

Χ Too many interruptions!  Too much stress

Χ Frustrating work/life imbalance

Many participants report an immediate significant, even profound, positive change in their lives.  These changes include:

            Χ Greater productivity with increased inner fulfillment

            Χ Turning interruptions into opportunities

            Χ The ability to consistently enjoy more the life – the riches – the values – they really cherish

Steffen began creating his unique Aligned Thinking approach when he was doing a program called Maximizing Managerial Effectiveness.  He did personal interviews with thousands of people where he asked, “What do you really want from life and work, and what do you do to get it?”  The insights gained from so many very successful and some not so very successful people showed him the elegantly simple insights – that anyone can use, but few do – to align just this next action to the life – the riches – the values – they really cherish.  From this action, Aligned Thinking teaches a person how to easily move to each action.  And then to every action.  When a person has aligned every action to their life values, they have just take control of their entire life.

To date, Steffen has shared his Aligned Thinking with over 160 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of independent professionals and entrepreneurs.  Starting in 1974 till 2005, Steffen presented his Aligned Thinking in one- and two-day seminars.  However, he was always concerned that the habits the people created over five to thirty plus years that they brought to the seminar could not be overcome in just one or two days, even if the Aligned Thinking tools were elegantly simple.

In 2005, with the help of Ken Blanchard, who gives part of the fantastic success of The One Minute Manager to Aligned Thinking, Steffen wrote the book, Aligned Thinking: Make Every Moment Count.  This led to Alex Mandossian, who taught Steffen how to do Aligned Thinking in a teleseminar.  The weekly presentations, follow-up presentations and interactions with a partner of The Aligned Thinking Telecoaching Series proved to offer participants the support they needed to make using the Aligned Thinking tools into daily, even moment-to-moment habits.

Dr. Steffen has four degrees.  He has a degree in Philosophy from Quincy University; a degree in Theology from the Antonianum in Rome through St. Joseph Seminary.  His master's is in Mathematics from Notre Dame and his doctorate is in educational psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

He has five living children.  He lives with his wife, Carol, who is also his technical expert, in Brookfield, CT.

Email Dr. Jim:


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