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Time Management/Aligned Thinking™ Presentations

The presentations that follow are based on twenty-five years of research done by Dr. Jim with 140 Fortune 500 companies.

            How Outstanding People Manage Time

Celebrate Life This Moment:  How to align every action to what you really want.

Each presentation includes insights related to time management from Dr. Jim’s signature Aligned Thinking™ Process.  They presentations can be given individually as outlined below in 25 to 60 minute talk.  All the benefits listed below can be delivered in a one or two day workshop (for workshop details, click here)

Overcoming the Stress of Too Much to Do! Not Enough Accomplished

More than 90% of people see themselves as having too much to do.  What is worse, this causes stress and focusing on less important things.  Research also shows that the majority of the “too much to do” suffering is self-inflicted.  Attending this program you will learn the Empowerment Secret and simple proven tools that can be quickly learned and immediately applied so that you can:

    Focus your time and life so you do not have too much to do

    Consistently accomplishment the this really important to you

    Optimize business and personal life and balance both

    Increase the meaning you have in life

    You will also learn the Inner-fulfillment Secret

Moving From a Resistant Plotter to a Motivated Charger

Each person has the responsibility of motivating ourselves each day.  In addition, the leadership has the responsibility to motivating their people and keeping morally high.  When people and non-aligned and see what they do at work as taking away from what they want fro themselves and their significant other from life, it is very challenging to be motivated or keep up your moral.  Attending this program you will learn:

    How to align every action so that you see what you do at work for those you serve and your organization as doing something important for yourself and your significant others.

    The leaders will learn how to help their direct reports accomplish the above.

●    How to be more productive because you are doing more of WHAT YOU REALLY WANT

●    How to create a purpose for working that least you free in all you do

Increasing Business and Personal Satisfaction so Life Becomes a Celebration

Many people, even very successful ones, are not satisfied with either their business or their personal life.  What is worse, they mistake increase accomplishment as the key to increasing satisfaction, only to make their situation worse.  Also, many do not know what they can really control so they focus on the wrong thing.  To make life a celebration is totally beyond their expectations.  Attending this program will provide simple proven tools that can be easily learned and immediately implemented so that you can:

●    Understand the true source of satisfaction

    Clarify WHAT YOU REALLY WANT from life so you have a solid base to build your satisfaction on

    Learn how to balance your business and personal life to so increase the satisfaction in both

    Clarify what you and only you control so you can optimize your satisfaction

    Learn the Celebrate Life Secret so increasing your daily satisfaction flows into making life a celebration

Reducing Interruptions and Procrastination so You Are Free in All You Do

Many people cause themselves stress and are not as accomplished as they could be because they don’t know how to overcome procrastination.  Others see their enemy as too many interruptions.  Finally, others see themselves as victims.  They ask, “How can I be free in all I do with clients, a boss, family and significant others.  You can expect this talk to:

    Explain the Freedom Secret so you can be free in all you do.

    The Freedom Secret will help you significantly decrease and even eliminate all interruptions

    The Freedom secret applied in your personal life will increase you freedom at home.

    This talk will also give proven tools for overcoming procrastination

Successful Partnering™ Presentations

The following two presentations flow from research Dr. Steffen originally did with 150 presidents of companies.  The research is the basis of the Successful Partnering™ Process.  Each talk includes experience gained from fifteen years of using the Successful Partnering™ Process with companies like Dell, Sony, IBM and AT&T.

The OR Factor: How Outstanding Relationships deliver increased client and employee loyalty and growth.

Many companies spend huge sums on improving the technical skills of their people but lose big when it comes to relationship building.  Many do not know how you can improve both client and employee relationships with no new staff and a few very simple skills.  The Successful Partnering™ Process will change that.  Attending this presentation you will learn how the successful Partnering™ Process helped:

    SBC/Ameritech save $75,000,000;

    Bell and Howell went from seven years of zero ROS (Return on Sale) to five years five years of double digits;

    Dell created a new culture in the support center

    Where, why and how the process works

This talk was originally delivered at the AFSMI (Association For Service Management International) in Reno, 2003.  It received one of the highest ratings of any talk.

Who might profit from hearing the OR Factor.

The Successful Partnering™ Process has been used with the following types of people:

    Service people and management

    Sales people and management

    Administration people and management

    Support center people and management

Leveraging Client and Employee Retention and Loyalty to Grow Profits

Some believe that the key to growing profits is the satisfied customer.  This talk will show why the satisfied customer can be the enemy.  Dr. Steffen’s research shows the very satisfied customer is three to ten times more loyal.  Attending this presentation you will see how the following five steps lead to profit and revenue growth:

1. Employee Satisfaction

2. Employee Loyalty

3. Employee Productivity

4. Customer Satisfaction

5. Customer Loyalty


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