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Successful Partnering
Why This Process Will Give You Phenomenal Value

After as few as three days, past participants have achieved wonders using the Successful Partnering Process. You can too. Listen to what they have said:

The best sales training I have ever seen.

"I have been in sales training 21 years, including many years in design and development with Xerox Learning Systems. I have to say this program is perhaps the best sales training program I have ever seen."

Jon Barb, Sales Training, Olin Corp.

A mark of distinction.

"In this very competitive industry all vendors offer (1) Price, (2) technical expertise, and 3) quick delivery. Creating Very Satisfied Customers using the Successful Partnering Process, I was able to sell easier and quicker because I had a mark of distinction the competition did not have."

Oscar Roque, Sales Engineer,
Alliance Electric

An unexpected $175,000 in just three days.

"I had just come back from attending the Successful Partnering Process when I went with one of my customer engineers to a client. The partnership we set up lead immediately to an unexpected sale of $175,000. I never dreamed of such results in just three days."

Jim Graves, Regional Manager, AT&T

The competition offered a 35% discount. We beat it with the Successful Partnering Process.

"I had just come back from the Successful Partnering Seminar to discover some ex-employees were offering our clients a 35% discount. We used the Successful Partnering Process to look at the big picture and work with the customer to make them Very Satisfied. We ended up giving them a 5% discount, for which we got an opportunity to sell two of our largest machines and got two maintenance contracts."

Rich Collins, Service Manager, Pitney Bowes, Bristol, UK

Saving a $10,000,000 alliance and getting the next $2,500,000.

"My general manager said we had a $10,000,000 alliance in danger. I was to make some very dissatisfied clients very satisfied and get the next $2,500,000 order. I first used the 4   Steps of Fantastic Follow-Up to build trust. When I finally told the client I would like to partner with him to make him Very Satisfied, I was surprised at the positive reaction. The Successful Partnering Process did not make it easy, but it did help save the alliance and get the next piece of business."

Ariela Hrepic, Project Manager, Bailey Controls

From losing business 9% annually to 20% revenue growth in 6 months.

"We made two great discoveries. First, the satisfied customers were not loyal Second, we could make them Very Satisfied using the Successful Partnering Process. We taught all 700 service people the process, and the results were almost miraculous: in 11 months we had 26% growth, profits were up 35%, and new business was up 600%."

Emilio Delia, VP AT&T CNCS
From An Address To The Conference Board

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